On the one hand the hilly terrain typical of the most authenticcountry, which surrounds the farm, the other to its proximity to the sea and the most famous cities of Tuscany, make it a vacation or a weekend getaway at the Farm Holidays Pane e Vino, the perfect union of the countryside, sea and art.Within minutes of walking in the woods and the striking sceneryof the Tuscan countryside, you can reach the nearby villageof Gabbro in the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo.
While by car, again in a few minute you can visit the beaches and cliffs of the Etruscan Coast.

Art cities, such as Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, PisaLucca and Florence are a short distance away from the farm,given the location, which provides easy access to the main roads of Tuscany.

Camaiano Park

Its name comes from the ancient Pieve di Camaiano, a baptist church which during the medieval times would provide comfort to the souls of a vast land, going from Popogna to the North until the hills to the South, where the lands of Rosignano begins. The large religious building, now lost to time, is located in the heart of the Park, where it has left visible traces on the land.

The Milleo Road, path 199, represents the core of the hikers’ network in the Park area. The path intersects the Via di Popogna for a while, an ancient roman road which, beginning from the Portus Pisanus, passing through Ardenza, Gabbro, Castelnuovo and Rosignano, reached the dock of Vada Volterrana. This very fascinating path has been fully mapped from the various associations taking part to the Occhi sulle Colline project, adhering to the Protocol of Agreement on the realization of an hikers’ network in the Colline Livornesi”, signed in 2013 together with the local administrations and comprehensive of a poster-designer thanks to the funds of the Commune of Rosignano Marittimo.


For more information we suggest you to check out the official website of the Cultural Park of Camaiano.


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